Being A Check-Out-Chick | Two


So at the moment it’s school holidays in Australia! We get two weeks off, which is going to be so nice to have a break! Being in grade twelve is the most stressful thing ever. Final exams, and assignments, and argh!!! But anyways, I’m going away for the weekend, so I thought I would post a little early. So here is another instalment in my rant/experiences as being a check-out-chick.

  1. Bag Lady

So a few weeks ago, this woman comes through with her shopping: Food, and cleaning products, and the usual for someone that is middle-aged and must have a family. However, she buys a twenty-four pack of toilet paper (normal right?), but when I scan it, and put it on the bench down the end, she says to me “Oh, would you be able to put it in a bag for me?”, and keep in mind our plastic bags can barely fit two packets of chips in, and she wants me to fit in a freaking twenty-four pack of toilet paper? Nah, that’s not going to work. So I put one end in the bag, and it looks pointless, and it’s obviously not my fault! I’m not a wizard, I can’t put an undetectable extension charm on the bag to make it fit. But the woman just gives me this horrible scowl, this hateful frown and huffs at me like a little kid who didn’t get what they want. Honestly, I didn’t care, but was she crazy? It’s not going to fit in the bag! Pfft.

2. Forgetful Folk

So a customer comes through my check out, a full trolley of food and what not, Customer: “Oh! I only came in for bread an milk! Ha!”

Me: *Every time* “That’s always the way! Hahaha.” *Argh, humans*

So then I’m scanning all their junk that they ‘need’ to buy, and oh… What’s that? No milk or bread (or whatever they only came in for)! Now me being the quiet person I am, I don’t mention that they didn’t get what they came in for.

*A few minuets later*

Same Customer: “Oh! I forgot what I came in for before.”

Me: “Haha, every time!” *Are all humans this dull?*

My internal conversations can be very sarcastically mean. I would never speak these thoughts (hell I don’t even know why I’m typing them right now).

3. Little Luke

This young boy came through the check out with his parents last week. Now i obviously didn’t know him, nor his name, so for the purpose of this post lets just call him Luke. So Luke would have been around four, maybe five? But he had his little mini trolley with some of the groceries in, he seemed so proud of his trolley, he was just like Mum and Dad after all. His parents have unloaded the real trolley, but Luke is taking his time unloading. As I’m scanning and bagging the items from the main trolley, Luke runs up to me and hands me something from his trolley. “Oh thank you! You’re such a big help!” I smiled at the little boy, and he beamed. He honestly looked so pleased with himself. He was a big helping boy after all. After handing me something from his trolley, he would run back to it, take something else from it and bandit to me. “Thank you sir!” I grinned. He giggled and went back to his trolley. This happened repetitively until his trolley was empty, overtime he would hand it to me, I would thank him in a new way, and he would laugh and smile in glee. Towards the end of putting through the family’s shopping, I quietly over hear his mother talking with what I assume is her friend (or perhaps sister), about “his appointment with the psychologist“. Now obviously this could mean anyone, but as Luke’s mother says this, she has a side glance at her son and smiles as he helps me.

As Luke’s father is paying, he smiles at me and says “You’ve made his day”, now me, slightly taken back and chuffed, I smile softly “He made mine”. As the family leave, I smile at the boy and say “You were a great help young man!” He laughs and runs off with his family.

I had no idea who this child was, or what his story was, but after the moment, I just felt so… Significant. I made this young boy smile, and laugh and feel proud, just by smiling and playing along with his game. This little boy who may (or may not) have a reason to see a psychologist, was chuffed, and dignified. I had never felt anything like it. Not when being on stage, or riding a rollercoaster, or even when I passed an exam I thought I failed. Nothing beats that felling of making a difference for someone. No matter how small it may have been, I made that little boy grin like it was the best thing that ever happened to him, and it was exhilarating.

So I’ll leave it at that for now, I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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