I just have a short post today, but I’m going to dive into one of my more personal traits. Well, it’s kind of like a disease really – always there eating away at you. But at the same time it’s the exact opposite – it feeds you. Wanderlust is the desire to travel, but in the most beautiful, and constricting way possible. See, wanderlust is more than just “Wow, Italy is beautiful, I would love to go some day”, but then you never do. It’s not just here or there, it’s wanting to go absolutely anywhere, with anyone. Wanderlust is the sudden urge at 2am to buy a plane ticket to anywhere, even if once you get there you have no money and no plan. It’s the day dreams of other cultures. It’s the need to experience other’s way of life, and their surroundings.

Wanderlust is also the pure joy of just looking at an amazing view or wander of the world, whether it’s real of just a photograph. Now, I hate the beach – sand is the devil’s spawn – but there is something about a sunset on a beach that is just so appealing. I often scroll Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, for hours just looking at pictures of traveling, and scenery, and sights to see. It’s both fuelling and painful, as I ache to be there, and see it myself. But all that aside, I do plan to travel, I’m saving almost everything I earn in order to have some money sitting there when the time comes. But currently, being in Grade 12, and going to University next year, my world travels won’t come for sometime yet. But one can aspire.

So I’ll leave it at that for now. I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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