Being a Check-Out-Chick | Three

Hey again. Here is another instalment of my rant about working as a check-out-chick.

  1. Boredom.

So it would have just been really busy. To the point where we had to call priority one (the code for “Anyone who’s not busy please come and save us. We’re drowning down here!!!”). So now it’s died down, just standing waiting for someone to come through.

Customer: “Oh, you look bored! I’ve come to rescue you!”

Me: *Awkwardly laughs* “Yeah!”

Um, no. I wasn’t bored. I was not solely waiting for you to come through the check out. Sorry to disappoint.

2. B.O.D

Okay, so less of a rant. When we close the store, there’s this plastic box, the has the keys, and other important things that need to go up to the office inside it. The first time I did a close shift on a Saturday with Jaala (Pronounced Jar-Lar), I called it the “Box of Destiny”, just as a little laugh. But since then, it’s stuck. All the other girls on service call it the Box of Destiny (BOD for short), and even the guys up the back in the office do now. So with not even working there a year, I have made an almost store-wide ‘thing’ happen.

3. Speedy.

So I’m one of the fastest scanners in our store. I’ve been the fastest about three-four weeks in a row, and that strike was only interrupted when I had some time off for my final exams. However, there is one issue with being able to scan so fast.

Me: *Going about scanning in the usual manner*

Customer: “Wow, your fast!”

Me: *Awkward laugh/grin* “Yeah…”

Customer: *Can’t keep up*

Me: *Standing there waiting for more items on the belt awkwardly*

The struggles are real.

That’s it for now, I’ll take to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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