Being a Dancer


So I’ve been dancing for most of my life, I started when I was two years old. I’ve done exams and performances, and you know, the usual. I don’t remember a time in my life where dancing didn’t exist. So I just thought I would share some insight of what it’s like to be a dancer.


  1. Once you reach the stage where you wear pointe shoes, your feet will never look the same again. There is no chance that you will have nice looking feet if you’re doing it right. You will get scabs and callouses. Good luck if you want a nice pedicure…

  2. A few years ago, we were preparing for exams, which were in a few months, and I don’t really remember what happened, other than landing a leap and my knee gave way. Since then both of my knees have been really bad. I’m basically an old woman at seventeen! And because my knees are bad, it can sometimes affect my back, when I’m standing at work.

  3. Bruises. Up my legs, on my back, hips, shoulders. I honestly look like I have been bashed up. Even more so when there are dark back and purple splotches covering my body.

  4. Exams are bloody hard. It’s like they are trying to push you as far as they can without breaking you. At the end you quite literally walk out of the room dripping with sweat and collapse in the hall way, trying to catch your breath.

  5. I’ve been an assistant teacher for… About six years… I think? I absolutely love it. I help out with the little tinies (Aged 3-7), juniors (8-11) and sub-seniors (12-15). The little ones are gorgeous, and for the end of year concert I am choreographing a dance for the sub-seniors for the first time. All-in-all, I just love being able to watch the little ones slowly learn as they grow up.


I’m going to leave it here for now. I might make another post, and make this another little series, but I’m not sure yet.

Talk to you soon,

Sapphire Xxx

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