Family Adventures


So last weekend I stayed on the Gold Coast with my family (Mum, Dad & Little Brother), and whilst we were there, we had a small adventure. To be honest I’m just writing about it so I have the memory written down, but feel free to enjoy anyways.

  1. We stayed in this hotel right by the beach. Granted I don’t like the beach (what a place to live right? Some of the best beaches in the world, and here I am… It’s not that I hate the beach, I love the smell and the view, but dear god I HATE SAND! IT RUINS LIVES!!!), but the city view from my window was amazing!
  2. Twilight Markets. My Mum, Brother and I went to the markets late afternoon of the first day. We did the usual market things – buy fudge, and homemade baked goods. My brother bought silly toys and we held snakes. I also got a henna tattoo, which I’m kind of obsessed with – it looks AMAZING!
  3. There is this illusion/mirror maze called ‘Infinity’ we went to. I had been before, but it was mum, dad, and my little brother’s first time. Granted brother got a little scared at some points, but he was fine, and the maze was cool.
  4. Max Brenner, is a chocolate ‘place’ we have in Australia, I honestly don’t know if it is anywhere else in the world (Let me know maybe?), but anyway… We had milkshakes, and bought truffles. Argh, YUM!
  5. We went to the ‘Pinny Parlor’ (Arcade), we played games for two hours, won tickets, which we got silly prizes with. But it was great to be able to just be a kid, and spend time with the family – something that doesn’t happen often, due to everyone’s work, and school lives.

I’m probably going to post things like this in the future, just because I want to document fun memories, but I’m going to leave it here for now. Talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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