Family Christmas


It’s Christmas! I hope you’re having a good holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas, or not.

So we don’t have Christmas with Dad’s side of the family often, because everyone is working, and we are all spread across the country. The last time we were all together was five years ago, but this year, everyone is gathering at my house (well, Mum, Dad, my Brother, and my house). I guess because we have the pool, and air conditioning… But with Nan (Dad’s Mum), My Uncle, and my many cousins, we’re going to have some serious shenanigans! My favourite cousin is a year younger than me, and we are really close. When we were kids, we hated each other (I was such a bully!), but over the years we kind of grew up, and came to be almost the same person (If not for her strawberry blonde hair, and my lanky limbs, we could be twins). She refused to tell me what she wanted for a gift, as she doesn’t have a job, so can’t buy a gift in return (which is ridiculous!), so I told her I’m taking her out for the day, movies and dinner or something. Basically, I’m taking my cousin on a date…

Something about the Jones family is we’re all a little crazy… And very competitive! So having things like water fights, and Nerf wars will be interesting! But all in good fun.

Enough about my plans, I’m going to go enjoy myself! Have a good holiday, and New Year. I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire, Xxx

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