Being a Check-Out-Chick |Four


so back to my little rants about working in retail. So obviously if was Christmas not long ago, meaning we were busy beyond belief! This meant that I had more working hours, which meant more income – No complaints there! But during the ‘silly season’ there were a few more moments to document.


~ Lettuce Lady ~

So this Asian woman (not racist, it was just an observation, and fact…) came through the check out, and amongst her shopping was a bag of lettuce. Obviously I’m trying to serve her quickly as there are people suing behind her, so I punch in the lettuce to the register.

Her: “If I have to pay for that, I don’t want it.”

Me: *WTF, of course you have to pay for it* “Uh, okay?”

Her: “Take it off! I don’t want to pay for it!”

Me: *God, alright calm down* “Okay, sorry.”

Her: *Pays for her items*

Me: “Have a good afternoon.”

Her: “Go F**k yourself.”

Alright lady, it’s just a lettuce, that you said you didn’t want to pay for. I was so confused! However when I had the chance, I was going to take the lettuce back, but I quickly realised it was just a heap of loose lettuce leaves. Not worth anything, which ended up going in the bin. But this woman couldn’t have just said that they were just leaves? She couldn’t just explain the situation? If she had of said they were just the leaves, I would have just given them to her…

~ Long Distance Relationship ~

Next was something really cute, and not a rant at all.

So Jaala (I think I’ve mentioned her before) is a girl who I work with. She’s a couple years older than myself, but we get on really well (probably because we’re both crazy, but that’s another story). Her boyfriend works in the Army, not as in overseas in war or anything, but is based away from home to work, and he was meant to come home on Boxing Day, but something happened, and he didn’t get back until New Years Eve, meaning she hadn’t seen him for three weeks.

He came to work to see Jaala, and she honestly ran from where she was, filling the drinks fridge, to him and jumped into his arms. It was honestly like a cute scene from a movie, and all us other service girls were ‘Aww-ing’ and gushing over how cute they were, and at the same time trying to not look like we were staring…

~ Work Place Gossip ~

So I worked New Years Eve, and I was on until 9 pm, which is a closing shift. I was on with Amy (the service manager) and Chloe (the 2nd in charge, under Amy), and so the three of us were just chatting for about three hours when there were no customers, because who the hell is going to go grocery shopping on New Years Eve at 7pm? But I found out some really good inside information. Things like what the old managers were like and who disliked who. The usual work place gossip. But it was good, getting to ‘bond’ with them and stuff.


~ Meals of the Eve ~

So there’s the lady who works in the office up the back, Cassii, who does all the paper work, and everyone’s wages and stuff. On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve she put on a little spread in the staff room. For Christmas Eve we had turkey and salads, and New Years we had pizza, drinks, garlic bread, the whole shebang. To be honest, it was really nice to be able to have food when on break that you didn’t have to buy, or pack with you. And who can say no to free food? Especially pizza?!


Anyways, I’m going to leave all my other rants for another time, talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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