So recently, I’ve been a little obsessed with Troye Sivan’s new album (Blue Neighbourhood), so I thought I would share a little about my fangirl side from the past and present. Hold on tight, it’s about to get wild.

One Direction.

Yes, I’m that girl. I was introduced to the boys in 2010 (god, so long ago!), and was not impressed. I was twelve, and I hated Justin Bieber with a passion, and was not interested in the whole screaming teenage girl, fawning over a boy type thing… AT ALL!

A few months later, I found myself watching the What Makes You Beautiful video on repeat, and from there it kind of just escalated. I’ve spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on merchandise, and concert tickets (I went to the Take Me Home, and On The Road Again tours).

I still like their music, however with Zayn having left, and their ‘short term break’ happening, I don’t really fan girl over them anymore. I still love them, and they did a lot for me, but I’ve grown up. I don’t have all my merchandise on display, and I don’t have my walls covered in posters anymore. Those days lay in a box in my wardrobe. However the ticket stubs and silly photos of the boys are still pinned to my cork board. The small space where are my favourite things are displayed.

I will continue to buy their music in the future, if they reunite, and I will belt out their songs in the car. It has been a good five years with the boys, and I regret none of it.


I am a YouTube fanatic. I am obsessed to the breaking point. The YouTubers I tend to watch regularly (In no particular order) are:

  • Zoe Sugg – Zoella
  • Alfie Deyes – PointlessBlog
  • Joe Sugg – Thatcher Joe
  • Dan Howell – Danisnotonfire
  • Phil Lester – Amazing Phil
  • Charlie (Chai) Cameron – MyNamesChai
  • Joel Beans – SmallishBeans
  • Elizabeth (Lizzie) – LDShadowLady
  • Tyler Oakly
  • Troye Sivan
  • Lilly Singh – Superwoman

And that’s only scratching the surface! There is then of course others who I watch on occasion, Conner Franta, Caspar Lee, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, Etc.

I watch so many different people, who all have such different content. From gaming videos to make-up and lifestyle. love Alfie’s daily vlogs, and when it’s Vlogmas time of year, I am in heaven! The high light of my week is waking up on a Monday morning to see that everyone has up loaded main channel videos. I fangirl so hard over these guys! Zalfie is my OTP, Chai is the cutest human ever, and Danisnotonfire is most definitely on fire. Damn.

I also feel like a proud mother when they do things outside of youtube. Troye’s album (So good! It has seriously been on replay for the last few weeks!), all their books (because lets be real, nearly every YouTuber has a book these days), Tyler’s documentary, and Lilly’s world tour. YouTube has been a social media platform that has allowed so many people to such extraordinary things, it’s actually crazy.

You’re a Wizard Harry (Potter)

I have done a post before about the things I have learn from Harry Potter, but I am a hardcore Potterhead. I have THREE box sets of the books, a time tuner, the ‘Hogwarts Library’, a deathly hallows necklace, mugs, and Pinterest pages dedicated to Harry Potter filming locations to visit, and home decor items to buy. It’s honestly insane, but I will Always love the series that started my love for writing. Because of course it’s happening in your head (Harry), but why should that mean it’s not real? And for me, with an over active, wild imagination, telling me it can be real was all I needed.

So with my main obsessions (“DEDICATIONS!”) out of the way there is also things like The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Fault in our Stars, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Avengers, and so on. I would also like to add “any-male-actor-in-any-movie-or-show-that-I-then-stalked-and-looked-up-fan-fiction-about” to the list, and Cara Delevingne to the list with the role of one of my woman crushes, along side Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black (yes the character, not the actress). Because damn, I would turn  for them.

With those confessions out of the way, I think I’ll be off now… I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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