Aussie Summer


So a few days ago, on the 26th of January, it was Australia Day. To be honest most of us don’t know what we’re celebrating other than, “Lets have a BBQ with friends and family”, and let me tell you, our BBQ’s are ones to remember.

There’s still a little sun light at 7pm, it’s warm with a cool breeze rushing the trees. Lorikeets scream to each other as they settle in the trees for the night. The pool is slightly too cold, but still, we all swim into the night. The night air smells of alcohol, citronella, grilled meat and maybe even warm flames on dry wood. We sit to eat together, still in our wet swimmers, and the mozzies (mosquitos) are biting like crazy. Crickets and cicadas chirp loudly over the chatter and music. After dinner we shout and laugh over sparklers and glow sticks, the kids running amuck in the yard.

It’s nights like these, that I remember as a child. As I grew, these nights didn’t change. Instead of being one of the kids running in circles with a sparkler, I was watching the others, sipping on my drink. I laugh at the adult stories and jokes, that would have gone over my head a few years earlier. I appreciate the nights that much more, knowing that they won’t change. My description can’t even scratch the surface of how comforting these moments are. They are something I have always known, and hope to always know, because even if we haven’t seen our friends or family in a long time, we gather in these moments and it’s still the same as it was two year back. It seems at though these nights are frozen in time, and it’s only the characters, and perhaps the location, that age. I can’t fully explain it, but these nights are home. With friends and family, a nice meal, and it’s just fun!

Anyways, I’m going to leave this little piece of nostalgia here, I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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