Tumblr Bedrooms?!


So as I said in my new years resolutions post, I’m ‘doing up’ my bedroom this year. Slowly adding to it, until I’m happy with it. I’m aiming for something me. Not perfectly ‘Tumblr’, or to anyone else standards. But it’s turning out to be harder than expected…

For one, I want to use polaroids to make a wave pattern on my wall, as we have quite high ceilings in my house, so there is plenty of blank space to use. But it has suddenly dawned on me just how many damn pictures it will take to complete the design. How much money it’s going to cost to keep buying more film packs. Argh.

Another thing is that all my fairy lights keep falling down. Again, I am using the high ceilings to my advantage, as I have the lights draped across the whole roof. It looks really cool, but they are starting to fall down, and they have only been up for about six-eight months. But because we live in a ‘tree house’ (as my brother calls it, because it’s all wood, and there is one tree that goes through the middle of the deck.), the beams of the roof are not smooth, so the sticky hooks are FAILING ME! Such disappointment…

On a good note, over the last few weeks I have been painting canvases with quotes and things to hang on the walls, they look pretty good for someone who can barely draw a stick figure… But with my little personalised additions, it’s coming together.

However, even with all the touches that are mine – like the canvases and my cork-board that has quotes and pictures of my favourite things (YouTubers, Harry Potter Quotes, One Direction, Travel destinations and food) – it is starting to look so damn Tumblr. Not to mention my loft bed and copper/rose gold obsession… But it’s great, because it is the best bedroom I have ever had, and it just looks so damn cool! I’m really glad that I set the goal of perfecting it this year, even though it’s proving to be harder (and cost more) than I expected.

Well it’s like everything really, our expectations are our internal desires, rather than reality. Anyways, I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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