Recently I have realised just how much of a perfectionist I am. I mean, I always new I was, but now the extent of which has kind of… sunk in. However, I can be lazy, my room messy and not perfect. I’m a very conflicted person okay? So anyway, here is a list of un-perfect things I just can’t deal with.

  1. Smudges on my laptop. Not even just the laptop screen, but because I have the Gold MacBook, it shows up any spots that your hands have been. I then proceed to clean my laptop to an excessive extent. And don’t even get me started on smudges on the SCREEN, no, just no!

  2. My app layout on my phone. I have to make it even. and symmetrical to the point of insanity. iTunes and the App Store have to be next to each other, the camera and photos, social media, my games. Also, I hate those groups of apps, you know when you put them in those little folder, ugh. I hate them!

  3. The favourites on my MacBook. That top line has to include all the important things. My blog, youtube, Netflix, Uni blackboard, Work blackboard, and anything that I’ve been doing recent (at the moment it’s an online writing course). It also has to be in order of subject.

  4. My quilt. t drives me crazy if my quilt isn’t perfectly square in it’s cover. Like if it’s slid to one side a little, or it’s folded the corner over inside. ARGH, it’s horrible. It will honestly wake me up in the night because it’s so uncomfortable.

  5. Note books, planners and calendars.
    1. My notebooks need to be headed with the date, class and subject, sub-headed with the topic, or important note, and highlighted with key points, all of which are colour coded. Yes, I’m one of those people.
    2. Planners have to be margined and dot pointed, anything that has been done, or removed, must either be ticked off, or covered with white-out.
    3. And I refuse to write on calendars. When I was younger, I would circle important dates, and cross off the days as they went past, but after a while, I realised it was just making me aware of how fast time was going. How fast my life was going – I have always been a very self-aware person, even as a child. So, I stopped doing that, and I also found that it made it look messy, so I gave up altogether. I use calendars now as decorations basically..

I’m going to leave my weirdness at that for now, just so you can judge me a little at a time. I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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