Premature Festivities


So, due to working at a supermarket, I tend to notice when seasonal items come in stock before many other people. For example, I noticed halloween items stocked last September and Christmas items in October.

However, on New Years Eve, I was walking towards the back of the store to the staff room to put my things in a locker and eat lunch before my shift started, and I noticed Easter eggs. It wasn’t even the new year yet, and eater eggs were on sale! I was blown away. How early does the Easter Bunny need to start stocking up?

Are they trying to make me fat? Because it has literally just been Christmas, which automatically includes over indulgence, and now, they are shoving more chocolate in my face… Please, just calm down on the food. Said no-one, ever. But not only did we have Easter eggs on December 31st, but we also had Hot-Cross Buns (Or Easter Buns). They really are trying to kill me.

So Easter is in a few weeks, and I have already had enough eggs and buns to last me until next year. But really, I know seasonal event make everyone excited, but why start selling items that shouldn’t be due in stores for a month? I just don’t understand.

Also, I know that for the other side of the world it’s spring, and everything is blooming, and baby animals are everywhere, but in Australia, it’s Autumn at Easter time. And whilst it may still be hot as heck, and it’s still basically summer, all the decorations are spring themed! Like, hello, you’re doing it all wrong. And don’t get me started on autumn festivities that are actually in spring. That’s a whole other post.

Anyways, I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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