Being a Check-Out-Chick |Five


So here is another instalment in my little rant series, of what it’s like to be a check out chick.


The first thing isn’t really a rant per say, but more of a happy dance of excitement. So my manager came to me last week and asked me if “I would like to be a supervisor”, and I oh course said “Yes”, because why the hell not? I wouldn’t have to rely on the other girls to do refunds for me, and silly little things like that. But I’m progressing! Which I’m so happy about, because as much as I rant about my job, I love it, and I love the people I work with.

So a few weeks ago there was this mother and her son (who would have been maybe 2 years old?) and the mothers friend, or sister. So when the mother is paying, she sits her son on the small bench next to the register, which is next to where the receipt/docket comes out of the printer. So naturally, and the child notices the receipt printing, and pulls at it.

Me: “Don’t touch sweetie, it could break.”

The Mother: *Does nothing, as the child continues to pull at it*

Child: *Pulls harder, causing the printer to stop working.*

The Mother: “Oh! How about we just do this!” *Picks up child aggressively*

Me: *Trying to fix the printer*

Mother’s Friend: “Oh, did he break it?”

Me: “No, no, it’s okay, we’ll fix it.” *I can’t fix it* “Jaala, can you help please?!”

Jaala: *Tries, but can’t fix it immediately.*

So we move to a different register, the mother does not get her receipt, and she walks off with her child as her friend gets served on a new register.

Mother’s Friend: “I’m so sorry! I hope he didn’t break it!”

Me: “No, no, it’s okay. Someone will be able to fix it.”

Mother’s friend: “She isn’t the most ‘don’t touch that’ kind of parent.”

Me: *Smiles awkwardly as I insist it’s okay*

I then found out a week later that the mother made a complaint about me saying I was very rude, and snatched at her child’s hand as he almost pulled the receipt. Bitch what? Bitch where? Where the fuck did that come from? I wasn’t rude, in fact, I was so freaking polite to the point where the mother’s friend had to apologise, because the mother didn’t and she felt bad. Like WTF?! If you have a problem with me, say it to my face. Don’t go to my manager, and make a formal complaint, when my manager knows what I’m like, and she knows I would behave like that. ASDFGHJKL!


Okay, my final story!

So I want to a friends 18th birthday on a Saturday night a few weeks ago, and naturally I had work the next day. Now I was drinking, not excessively, but I was. I think I only had about 3 drinks? Plus the numerous Jello-shots I had. But over-all, I was still pretty sober. No hangover for me, thank you very much!

But I go to work the next day, I’m very tired, however not hungover. Although one of the other girls from work had gone to her friends 21st birthday, and she was hungover. Extremely, hungover. She looked dead on her feet, and she quite clearly had a headache, and was a little bit out of it. But none the less, I spent my shift laughing at her pain, and she complained, saying that I should have been hungover with her. No sir, not today! Hahaha.

Anyways, that’s it for now, I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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