Over Worked


So I started Uni a few weeks ago, and I’m only just realising just how much I have on my plate.

I dance three days a week, and on top of that, I am doing my Teachers Certificate this year, so that makes dance just a little more stressful.

I work three days a week, it’s only 10 hours a week, so it’s manageable, but on top of everything else, it’s really pushing my limit.

Then there is Uni. So I spend all Monday and Tuesday on campus, then I come in on a Wednesday afternoon for one class (I then have 40 minutes to travel an hour back home for dance). But apparently, for a full-time student (like myself) you need to spend 10 hours a week on study. That’s 3 hours on campus, and 7 in your on time, per course. So I some home need to find an extra 28 hours out of my week to study at home. Like where am I supposed to get that time from?

There is 168 hours in a week. 10 I spend at work, 12 at uni, 5 at dance, 28 home study, plus the time I spend choreographing dance at home (5 hours). Then there is also the two hours it takes my to get to and from uni each day (6 hours), JUST ARGH! I have no time for a time anymore. Any free time I get will either be studying, or trying to catch up on sleep! My social life is going out the window! There’s that saying, “Work hard, play harder”, well in my case, it’s just “Work hard, work harder”!

I’m sorry, I just needed to rant. I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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