Being the Oldest Sibling

Hey guys, so today I’m writing a short narrative recount on what it’s like to be the oldest sibling (I’m sure many of you can relate!). My little brother is eleven years younger then me, we have the same father (for some reason people always assume we don’t), and there are no other children between us. I’m not going to name my brother online, he’s only a child, I don’t think it would be right…

But I’m going to give you a little context first. After my parents had me, my mum went on contraceptives (she had the bar in her arm). A few years later, I was begging for a little sister (I didn’t get one of those!). I found out later in life that my mum was unable to have anymore children, but we were okay with that, as my parents said “we have one perfect, healthy child, that’s enough for us”. So I believed that I would always be an only child. So this ‘short’ story is based on real events, but is also fiction, so keep that in mind. Okay, so now that you have the background information, here we go!

“Mum can you come swimming with me?” I ask. “No darling, I don’t feel very well. But I will watch you swim” she replies.

“Mum do you want a hotdog?” I ask. “No thank you sweetheart, I’m not hungry” she replies.

I jump and dance on the bed, my mother laying beneath me. “Darling please sit down, you will hurt me” she says. “Okay mum”.

Is mum okay? Is she sick? She’s been acting strange lately. Maybe she’s pregnant! No, that’s not possible. Maybe she’s just tired…

At my friend’s house, we suddenly had it stuck in our heads that I would be sleeping over. I call mum, begging her to let me stay. “I have something to tell you, you need to come home tonight.”, “But please mum! You can tell me tomorrow!”, so she’s finally going to tell me she’s pregnant. Took her long enough.

My parents sit me down on the bed, all very serious. “I’m pregnant”. I just wanted to say ‘I know’. I just wanted to say that I had known for the last two months. But I didn’t want her to know that I had known. So I pretended to be shocked. I pretended to be mind blown.

I saw him being born. Oh god, not the best idea. But he was so small, and so cute. My own little brother. I will take care of him, and protect him. He was placed in my arms, and he opened his eyes for the first time, our gazes connected. “I’m glad he didn’t see dad first”, “Why is that?” mum asks. “Because he would have wanted to go back where he came from!” everyone laughed. The nurses, doctors, family. My sassy little attitude had done it again.

He is so annoying. I don’t want this anymore! He pulls my hair, and steals my food. He gets away with everything! He is the golden child, he can do no wrong in my parents eyes, but oh no, he does plenty wrong. A little two year old terror! Maybe I still have the warranty, maybe I can still return him.

In the pool with my brother and my cousins. My brother bops and paddles with his floaties, little five year old, trying to swim. Not fifteen minutes ago I was teasing him, poking and prodding at him as we ate lunch. I was being a bully. Doing it just to annoy him, but it was funny.

One of our cousins swims over to us, this one is two years older than my brother. Both boys often but heads. Someone is always having a problem with the other. My brother wades over to him slightly, talking about water fights, and boy things. Our cousin suddenly pushes my brother under water by his shoulders, holding him under and dunking him. I saw red. I was so angry, for the first time in my life I knew what it was like to really be angry. To be in a rage. I grabbed my cousin by the shoulder and shoved him under the water. I pulled him up and pulled him close to my face. “If I ever see you touch my brother again, I will hold you on the bottom of this pool until you can’t breath. I will make your life so miserable, you will want to hold yourself on the bottom of the pool until you can’t breath. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!” He doesn’t answer. I pull him under the water again, pulling him up seconds later. “Do. You. Under. Stand. Me?” he nods, obviously scared. I sent him out of the pool, telling him to not come back until he had told his mother what he had done, and come to apologise.

We were walking on the footpath, beside the road. We went to cross, waiting for the traffic to clear. But my brother steps out, oblivious to the cars coming. My body goes into the over drive, adrenaline pumping through my veins. I take three long runs and grab him by the arm, pulling him out of the way and back onto the sidewalk, where I sat with him in my lap, trying not to cry as I hugged him to death.

He brought a girl home, to meet the family. I didn’t trust her. I didn’t like her.

“I want to marry her.” my brother tells me in secret, asking for my help. Oh goodness, my baby brother is in love. He’s not a baby any more, but he doesn’t see what she is. Don’t take things too fast I told him, you have plenty of time to fall and pick yourself up again.

His heart was broken, I saw it coming from a mile away. She cheated on him, and she laughed in his face. My baby brother had been pushed under the water again, and I was going to hold that bitch under until she drowned. I can pick on him, bully him. But the second someone even looks at him wrong, they are going to be six feet under, with no explanation as to how they died.

Three girls later and he found her. The one who would take care of my baby brother. The one he deserved, the one he could lean on. The second I met her I had adopted her into the family, taken her under my wing. I told her embarrassing stories of my brother, how I dressed him as a girl, how he pooped himself in public, how he fell down the backwards stairs when trying to ask out a girl to the dance. She knew everything about him, from the day he was born to the day they married.

It was here that I realised, he’s not a baby anymore. Like, really not a baby. He didn’t need my protection any more. He had someone that he needed to protect, soon to be a family, and someone he could trust with everything. He was a grown up, not a baby. But he would always be my annoying baby brother, who was lucky he didn’t see our dad first. God, he never would have made it this far if he had!

Okay guys, so that’s it! I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

© All Rights Reserved.

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