Hey Guys,

So I’m going to be eighteen in about three weeks – Oh my god, where has the time gone. However, I’ve recently realised that I’m not at all prepared to be (legally) an adult. So here is a list of things I don’t understand, that adults have to do/things that should be taught in school.

  1. Voting. I don’t have any idea of our current (Australian) politics. I mean, I know more about what’s going on in America with Trump and what not than I do what’s happening in my own country. I also don’t know how the voting process works… This is not good, because we have a big federal election coming up, so basically, I’m screwed.
  2. Tax. How does it work? How do you know when to lodge a claim, or report, or whatever that thing is? Like what?
  3. Bills. How do you actually pay them? Obviously online banking is a thing, but like, do you have to do it manually? Does the money go out automatically? I don’t know!
  4. I have no idea how mortgage and home loans work.
  5. Or how university loans work.
  6. I DON’T KNOW HOW LOANS IN GENERAL WORK. How do you apply for them? For what reasons would you be ineligible to receive them? Help.
  7.  How to make decisions. I need structure, because I’m both simultaneously a decisive and indecisive person. I can make quick necessary decisions, like taking charge of a situation. I’m very good at that. But, if I can ‘um’ and ‘ah’ over something, I will. On top of these, I also can be very spontaneous. Argh, I’m so complicated…
  8. Self health. I think it’s import for young people to know how to contact and communicate with doctors/medical professionals. Especially with so many young people dealing with depression and anxiety (I have anxiety my self). I have never been to the doctors without my mum, and I’m almost eighteen… Doctor: “So, what’s wrong?” Me: *Looks at mum waiting for her to explain*.
  9. Cooking. I can only cook on a basic level. Baking? Sure thing! Give me a meal to try and make? NOPE! Undercooked chicken and overcooked vegetables. My bad…
  10. Cleaning! Obviously I can clean, it’s a quiet basic skill. But you know when your mum (or dad, not discriminating) has cleaned a surface and says “I just disinfected that!”, what does that mean (other than dead germs), and how do you do it? Like what?


However, out of all the adult things I don’t understand, there are a few things I can do. I can change a tire, and check the oil in my car. I’m good at time management (thank you high school & university). I can form a budget, and plan my savings – I’m very good with money (other than the whole tax/bills thing… still no idea how that shit works). Anyways, that’s it for now, I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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