Hey Guys!

So I’ve mentioned (more like screamed) about my love for YouTubers, and especially Danisnotonfire (a.k.a Dan Howell), don’t get me wrong, I love Phil too, but I’m for sure a Dan-girl (“Hating on Phil doesn’t make you a Dan-girl. It makes you a twat.” – Dan). Recently tickets for Dan and Phil’s live show went on sale in Australia, naturally, I screamed and jumped and flailed my arms like the maniac fan girl I am. But here it is… I GOT MEET AND GREET TICKETS! I died inside! I’m going to meet the person who got me onto the internet. The person who indirectly talked me out of some very bad decisions. The person I owe my life to. And I am beyond excited. I’ll get my book signed and have a selfie where I will like shit next two those two gorgeous humans. I will try not to cry, and try to be cool and normal. But knowing me, I will say something overly suggestive and flirty even though I didn’t mean it that way (well… Lets be real, anything sexual I accidentally say in front of Dan was probably intentional, because he is on fire ;). I am honestly just like… arghhhhh! I can’t even type, like holy shit. Send an ambulance.

Any fangirl who says she hasn’t shipped herself with someone they can’t have is lying. Over the years I have had a few self-ships, Dan being the first, and the longest. Somehow, no matter who else I obsess over, it always come back to him. But I thought I would share a timeline of my self-ships and obsessions since the beginning of my internet days. Because why not?


  1. Danisnotonfire – Duh.
  2. Niall Horan – For about three years. But still, there was always Dan.
  3. Danisnotonfire – Obviously.
  4. Joe Sugg – Hot damn. Enough said.
  5. MyNamesChai – He’s just a little cutie!
  6. Danisnotonfire – Surprised? I hope not…

Obviously there were mini obsessions in the middle, but these ones, these ones hit me hard. While there were short bursts of major Dan-girling, there was always an undertone of him. God, I’m basically an internet whore. Fan-whore. Yep, that’s me. Drifting from ship to ship. However, my OTP is still the same – #Danteasers 😉

Anyways, I’ve got to go, fan grilling like this is bad for my health – mental and physical. I’ll talk to later,

Sapphire Xxx

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