Back to Real Life

Hey Guys,

So I have to go back to Uni next week. I’ve been on holidays for five weeks, and just got home from a week in Melbourne. But I’m just really not ready to go back to the non-stop work, study, living-on-Redbull life. If you’re in high school, and haven’t made any decisions for your future yet. Don’t just go to University because you think it’s the right thing to do. I enjoy what I study, and I know what I want to do afterwards, and it’s still hard. You need to be determined and ambitious as fuck. Good thing I’m a Slytherin then… Hahaha, there’s always time for a Harry Potter reference. Back to seriousness, if you don’t know what job, or career path you want to take, don’t choose something at random. Find something you’re passionate about, something you’re good at and enjoy doing and pursue that. Don’t spend four year of your life studying something you hate, because chances are you won’t make through the first semester without having a breakdown.

Anyways, seriousness over, I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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