Hey Guys,

So I went out with my friend last week, we went shopping and to lunch. It was a good day. Bought lots of nice things, spent too much money. Waaaaay too much money. *Cough* $400 (AUD) *Cough*. My bad! But it was worth it – I bought a Slytherin shirt! But this brings me to today’s topic – how much money is too much?

So, yeah I had a little splurge. I didn’t plan of spending $400, but it also didn’t break my bank. I did shop in excess, so does that mean that I spent too much? Because I bought things I didn’t really need?

The problem I have with this, is there are so many people in the world who don’t have anything. Homeless people, third world countries. But here I am, buying bath bombs and shoes. While I had a nice day with my friend, we had fun, and enjoyed each other’s company, I feel awful now. I don’t care that I spent the money. But think of all the people I could have fed with $400.

I feel like privledged people take everything for granted. You have clean water, food, somewhere warm to sleep. Family & friends. You have clean clothes, and a means to receive education. I’m a university student, there are countless people who don’t even have a primary school education.

If everyone stopped being so wasteful, and materialistic, then there would be less poverty in the world. But one person can’t do much, it needs to be a global effort. But that’s too much to ask for.

I’m going to leave it here now, before I start ranting even more. I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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