Christmas in September?

Hey Guys,

So, my mum is Christmas Crazy. Before my brother was born, we used to put the tree up in September. But now we wait until after his birthday in October, but I still think that’s a little early.

In Australia, halloween isn’t as big as it is in America and the UK. Over here, not many kids go trick or treating, and there are no parties. So to those of you who may be thinking “But halloween comes first!” we don’t celebrate it much… Heck, last year was the first year I ever dressed up, and it was because I had to for work. Working in retail can be very demanding! Haha.

But, back to Christmas, I saw some Christmas items at work the other day (I work in a grocery store as a check out chick. Ugh.) there were mince pies (which are gross btw), and Christmas puddings (which are also gross), but there was a whole shelf of them! In September! Like what the heck?!

So, I have a question. What is too early for Christmas festivities? Personally, I think November should be the earliest you put up the tree – don’t let my mother know I said that. But to each their own, I suppose.

But I’ll talk to you later,

Sapphire Xxx

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